NANNIC SHAMPOO (vitality boost) 150ML

NANNIC SHAMPOO (vitality boost) 150ML

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Revitalizes the hair and scalp. Contains argan oil.

Particularly mild and moisturizing age control shampoo that makes the hair antistatic and easy to comb through. Rich in vitamins and micro-proteins that penetrate deep into the hair shell so that the hair recovers from the inside. This improves the hair thickness and hair color, the hair gets more volume and a beautiful shine. This shampoo contains argan oil that is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and natural tocopherols that take care of the scalp and the hair shaft underneath. Contains a strong antioxidant that protects against pollution and UV damage. Suitable for all hair types, even the most sensitive.

Use: Spread a little Vitality Boost shampoo on the hands and massage gently into the damp hair and scalp. Leave on for a while before rinsing thoroughly. Then dry the hair with a towel.

Do the HSR shampoos contain sulfates? Yes, but sulfates have been wrongly given a negative connotation. The negative news about sulfates came mainly in the media that played on hypes. The different forms of sulphates were not taken into account.

In the professional hair market, Sodium Laureth Sulfate is often used as the main ingredient. This has a very high foaming capacity and has very good degreasing and cleaning properties. In some cases, those degreasing properties can cause an irritating effect. But the quality of the water also plays a role in this. For example, hard water will precipitate the surfactants on skin and hair, while soft water will not.

Nannic's exceptional formulas: The NANNIC HSR Shampoos have been developed in such a way that possible adverse properties of Sodium Laureth Sulfate are negated by adding additional active ingredients (such as cosurfactants, refatting agents, lipid enhancers, among others). This gives us a mild, nourishing and cleansing shampoo with excellent dermatological properties that also restore the skin balance.

What is the difference with Damage Repair Shampoo? Damage Repair Shampoo cleans the hair and focuses mainly on the restoration of the hair and hair cuticles, while Vitality Boost Shampoo focuses on taking care of the scalp in addition to cleansing.

The shampoos have a complementary effect, so it is recommended to use both shampoos alternately. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits that both shampoos offer. If you previously suffer from dry, stiff and damaged hair, it is recommended to use Damage Repair Shampoo the first time to get the hair back healthy faster. If you previously suffer from heavy falling and oily hair, Damage Repair Shampoo can be just a little too nourishing, so it is better to use Vitality Boost Shampoo more often.