PEDIBAEHR nail tincture w/clotrimazole spray 100ml

PEDIBAEHR nail tincture w/clotrimazole spray 100ml

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To improve the nail structure


  • this special care is used to improve the nail structure with splintering and rough nails
  • the favorable fatty acid composition of valuable jojoba oil nourishes and smoothes cuticles and brittle nails intensively
  • Bisabolol and clotrimazole protect the nail, including against nail fungus
  • Brittle and brittle nails become elastic and resistant again. They appear smooth and shiny again.

Apply regularly to the toenails in the morning and evening and leave on for a short time.

Ingredients (excerpt): clotrimazole, jojoba oil and bisabolol


Safety instructions: Allergic reactions possible. Do not use to care for children under 3 years old. Flammable.